Region: Los Angeles county Service Area(s): Education, Identity/Gender/Sexuality, International, Labor, Legal/Public Policy/Civil Rights

Contact: Lorelai Bingamon (
Telephone: (562)-682-5418

June 15-Sept. 15 2009, 10 hrs/wk
1. Community Outreach & Networking:
A)Outreaching to the Pilipino community, college campuses, and Los Angeles community at large
B)Innovating and implementing outreach strategies including, but not limited to, workshops and activities geared towards educating the families and college students on human/sex trafficking to increase foreign victim identification
C)Building, improving and maintaining community and student group relationships

2. Social Marketing Strategies and Producing Media Campaign Materials:
A)The creation of internet media (ie. podcasts)
B)Engaging in local media promotion
C)Maintaining the portion of the GABNET LA site with updated educational information on human trafficking
D)Promoting GABNet’s Purple Rose Campaign

•A commitment to Women’s Issues
•Strong writing and research skills
•Computer skills, including Word, Excel.
•Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
•An expressed interest in human trafficking
•Organized and efficient, yet able to work with a sense of humor

Qualities and skills desired:
•Tagalog speaker
•Public speaking/group facilitation experience
•Experience or expertise in photoshop and creation of podcast/ other social media

To apply for an internship, please send
a)a resume
b)cover letter
c)projected hours of availability Mon-Sun for the entire term of the internship


Within the subject heading please write "Community Outreach & Social Media Internship ".

Deadlines: June 10, 2009

Description/Mission statement:
The Los Angeles Chapter of GABNET/ MA-AL is opening up summer internships for enthusiastic, self-starting, results oriented students and community members. The internship provides the opportunity to gather experience in student/community outreach, research, public speaking, working in small group settings, event planning, and working with and developing social media tools. Interns will also benefit from various skill development trainings.
For the past nineteen years, the GABRIELA Network of the Mariposa Alliance (GABNET/ MA-AL) has fought to bring issues of human trafficking, militarism, labor exportation and exploitation, globalization and international human-rights violations to the forefront of our political and ethical consciousness. Through direct action campaigns, educational programming and organizing GABRIELA has become one of the strongest voices speaking out against the struggles that Filipina and Filipina-Americans face.

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