Garment Worker Center
Region: Los Angeles county Service Area(s): Labor
1250 So. Los Angeles Street, Suite 213 • Los Angeles, CA 90015

Contact: Delia (
Telephone: (213) 748-5866 • Fax: (213) 748-5876

- Work 10-15 hours per week (hours can vary)
- Intern placement (childcare project, database entry, garment industry research) depends on student's interests, skills, experience

-Would like student with experience and interest in social justice
-Would like student interested in working with worker related issues and labor rights
-Skills in database entry (Excel)
-Comfortable with computer
-Fluency in speaking Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, or Cantonese is great
-Fill out intern application and e-mail or fax to Garment Center (prefer fax)

Deadlines: N/A

Description/Mission statement:
The Center is a place for garment workers to organize. There are monthly educational workshops that explain issues such as wage and hour laws, health and safety regulations and discrimination. Garment workers also come to find help with their work problems - if they have not gotten paid, if they were fired unfairly or if the factory is engaging in unfair and unsafe practices. The center also provides a space to centralize all the efforts happening against sweatshops and to help garment workers.

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