Region: Bay Area: San Francisco Service Area(s): Arts/Culture
17 Walter U. Lum Place • San Francisco, CA 94108

E-mail: business@hyphenmagazine.com.
Telephone: hyphenmagazine.com/

Commit to attending meetings (two Tuesdays a month)
Lend your hand to existing projects, such as advertising and sponsorship efforts, and event planning
Brainstorm for the good of the magazine
Lead new initiatives from start to finish (and take over others should you wish)
Table at Hyphen sponsored events
Sport our merchandise because it's in fashion every season

Proven human intelligence, don't worry we won't poke you to see if you respond to stimuli
Team player, and not a lone wolf
Self-motivated, hard-working ethic
Post-identity politicked
Down for the cause but not obsessed by it
Not easily offended or dissuaded by hard-asses
Loves culture, your momma and self (not in that order)

Deadlines: N/A

Description/Mission statement:
Hyphen is a national magazine for urban,
in-the-know Asian Americans. Covering arts, culture and politics with substance, style and sass, Hyphen has become a media must for one of the fastest growing populations in America.
Hyphen was conceived in 2003 by San Francisco Bay Area journalists and community leaders who saw the need for a publication about Asian America that would go beyond Lucy Liu, sushi and
yet another examination of the "model minority" story. With award-winning design and fresh perspectives that aren't just about identity issues, Hyphen covers the artists and change-makers who are shaping what it means to be Asian American. By showcasing people outside the boundaries of stereotypes, Hyphen acts as a cultural catalyst, inspiring its readership to branch out - to do, think and create.

Hyphen is not-for-profit and run entirely by volunteers. The hundreds of hours spent by writers, artists, editors, designers, web gurus, bloggers, coordinators, and other lackeys all unpaid. It's a labor of love.

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