PANA Institute: Women for Genuine Security
Region: Bay Area: San Francisco Service Area(s): Health/Family, Identity/Gender/Sexuality, International
1798 Scenic Avenue • Berkeley, CA 94709

Contact: Deborah Lee (
Telephone: 415-297-8222

We are looking for an intern to assist us in the area of film distribution and developing DVD curricular resources that would provide supporting background information to accompany the film.

-Taken a womens studies or globalization class

Deadlines: April 30, 2009

Description/Mission statement:
Women for Genuine Security (WGS) is a U.S. based organization that promotes a world of genuine security based on justice and respect for others across national boundaries, a world free of militarism, violence and all forms of sexual exploitation. Through educational programs and resources, WGS promotes critical analysis, activist partnerships and greater accountability of the U.S. government for the violence, environmental devastation, and sexual abuse caused by the U.S. military in countries that host U.S. forces and bases. Women participating in the WGS core group are students, teachers, translators, organizers, policy-makers, writers and mothers. We share a framework and analysis that pays close attention to systems of inequality based on race, class, gender and nation.

WGS is the U.S. partner in the International Women�s Network Against Militarism, a network of individuals and organizations from South Korea, Philippines, Okinawa, Japan, Puerto Rico, Hawai�i and the continental United States who are organizing against the harmful effects of U.S. bases, military budgets, and military operations.

We are currently completing a film: "Women's Stories From Along the Military Fenceline" which tells the personal stories of 7 ordinary women whose lives have been affected by the prolonged US military presence in their neighborhoods and homelands. Their individual journeys of strength and courage to change the circumstances and tragedies in their lives tell the invisible stories of thousands of communities across the globe which live along the fence lines of U.S. military bases, and bear the hidden cost to their environment, health, land, and safety of women and children. The film connects the stories of the women who come from Texas, Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines, Korea, and Okinawa and the power of their efforts, both big and small, to create genuine security in their communities and in the world.

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