UCLA AsiaMedia
Region: Los Angeles county Service Area(s): Arts/Culture
11372 Bunche Hall • Los Angeles, CA 90095

Contact: Margaretta Soehendro (msoehend@international.ucla.edu)
Telephone: 310-825-9110 • Fax: 310-206-3555

-Pitch and write timely and important stories, reviews, interviews,
and profiles
-Gain experience working with publicists and artists
-Analyze and interpret issues regarding ethnicity and national identity in the international entertainment scene

Applicants should have strong writing skills and a good eye for news.
-Duration of internships a three-month minimum.
-10-15 hours of work per week
-Apply by sending your cover letter, resume and links to your web site portfolios or writing samples to Margaretta Soehendro.

Deadlines: Year round

Description/Mission statement:
AsiaMedia is a daily electronic publication that delivers news about all aspects of the media in Asia, including its role in regional and national economies, societies, and political debate. In addition, AsiaMedia publishes commentary by a range of journalists, scholars, and policy makers.

AsiaMedia is not an institution. It is not a foundation. Rather, it is an intellectual exchange network headquartered at UCLA, with a geographical and intellectual reach extending from the West Coast of California to East Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and on to Australia and the Pacific Islands.

AsiaMedia subscribes to no one nation, government or ideological view. It is a nonpartisan news network based on one critical belief: The East and West, joined by the media, can build mutual understanding which leads to solutions of shared problems. AsiaMedia is a publication that focuses sustained attention on the media's critical role, and thus the region's political and cultural life.

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