Region: Santa Barbara county Service Area(s): Arts/Culture
1025 Storke Communications Building • University of California • Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Contact: Elizabeth Robinson (elizabeth.robinson@kcsb.org)
Telephone: 805-893-3757

-Every programmer on KCSB is a volunteer
-Every quarter, programmers must perform four hours of unpaid work (called “contract hours”), produce at least one Public Service Announcement to be played at deejay discretion, and set aside one evening per quarter for a general staff meeting. Further involvement is encouraged.

-At the beginning of each academic quarter, there is an orientation session for KJUC 880/770 AM, a low-power station broadcasting to the UCSB on-campus dorms. Aspiring deejays are required to program for at least one quarter on KJUC, learning how to broadcast live from a studio and honing their skills on the mic and the mixing board. The trainee will watch two training videos, take the attendant quizzes, and, at the end of that quarter, read our programmer’s handbook then sit down for a comprehensive test. Once this test is succesfully passed you will be authorized to program on KCSB 91.9 FM.

Deadlines: N/A

Description/Mission statement:
As a non-commercial, educational FM station broadcasting for the public interest, KCSB enters into no commercial contracts which allow access to the airwaves and it strives to provide programming substantially different from that carried by commercial broadcast media. It is also designed to be educational for both programmers and listeners. UCSB students and other programmers are provided an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of radio broadcasting, both technically and in terms of broadcast content, and to explore more advanced aspects of broadcasting and the audio medium.

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