UCLA Asia Pacific Arts
Region: Los Angeles county Service Area(s): Arts/Culture
Asia Pacific Arts • UCLA Asia Institute • 11372 Bunche Hall • Los Angeles, CA 90095

E-mail: asiaarts@international.ucla.edu
Telephone: 310-825-9110

-Assist with various stages of multimedia/video production
-Gain experience editing, producing, shooting, and setting-up video interviews

-Applicants should have some basic computer skills.
-Duration of internships a three-month minimum.
10-15 hours of work per week
-Apply by sending your cover letter, resume and examples of previous
work to asiaarts@international.ucla.edu.

Deadlines: year round

Description/Mission statement:
Asia Pacific Arts, published by the UCLA Asia Institute, covers the dynamic worlds of Asian and Asian American arts and entertainment. As perusing back issues will demonstrate, our field of vision is wide.

As an online magazine, APA can do what print publications cannot. Video interviews, music clips, and other multimedia content add personality to analysis and allow us to remain on the cutting edge of web journalism. APA’s internship program provides the training ground for students interested in journalism, arts, and new media to report with a wide, nuanced, international viewpoint. It teaches writers to be critics and expands their analysis of art and culture to go global.

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