Name Area of Emphasis
Lalaie Ameeriar
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Stanford University, Anthropology
critical studies of globalization, transnationalism, diaspora, multiculturalism, race and ethnicity, labor studies and feminist studies
Michael Berry
Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D. (East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies)
Rudy Busto
Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D. (Religious Studies)
Sucheng Chan
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Berkeley, Political Science
immigration history, contemporary community issues
G. Reginald Daniel
Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D. (Sociology)
Diane C. Fujino
Ph.D., UCLA, Psychology
Asian American social movements, Japanese American radicalism, Afro-Asian solidarities, race and gender studies, and biography and oral history
Lawrence K. Fulbeck
Affiliated Faculty
M.F.A. (Art Studio)
Elizabeth Guerrero
Undergraduate Advisor
Student affairs
Advising majors and minors
Honors program
Department award applications
Ordering textbooks
Scheduling of classes
Coordinating Teaching Assistant hiring
Safety Representative
Spring Insight
Ambi Harsha
M.A., History, University of Madras
M. Phil., University of Madras
M.A., Dramatic Arts, University of California, Santa Barbara
Jin Sook Lee
Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D. (Education)
Pei-te Lien
Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D. (American Politics, Asian American Politics)
Shirley Lim
Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D. (English and Women's Studies)
erin Khue Ninh
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Berkeley, English
Asian American and comparative ethnic literatures, literary studies, women's literature, feminist studies, cultural studies
family and intergenerational conflict, power and subject formation, gender and the embodied subject, mental health
Sameer Pandya
Ph.D., Stanford, Modern Thought and Literature
John S. W. Park
Ph.D., Berkeley, Jurisprudence and Social Policy
M.P.P., Harvard
immigration law and policy, race theory, political theory and public law
Arlene Phillips
Business Officer
Space and keys
Conference room scheduling
Event planning
Hiring students, teaching associates and lecturers
Academic personnel
Budget and finances
Assistant to the Chair
Celine Parreñas Shimizu
Ph.D., Stanford University, Modern Thought and Literature
M.F.A., UCLA, Film Production and Directing
film and performance theory and production, theories of sexuality, Asian American cultural studies and transnationalism, feminist postcolonial studies and social theory
Paul Spickard
Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D. (History)
Mayfair Yang
Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D. (East Asian Studies and Religious Studies)
Xiaojian Zhao
U.S. history, Asian-American history, immigration, family, gender, and law
Benjamin Zulueta
Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara, History (Asian American History)