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  • Peer Advisor

Hi y’all!


My name is Katie Bui and I’m a 4th year double major in Asian American Studies and Psychological & Brain Science. I’m also one of the peer advisors for the Asian American Studies department!


I’m heavily involved in the Asian American community, both on and off campus, and am currently the Vietnamese Student Association at UCSB’s Vietnamese Culture Night Director. 


In the recent past, I’ve also been a part of the Southeast Asian Union and Kapatirang Pilipino. Off campus, I’ve spent much of my time with the Union of Vietnamese Student Association (UVSA) in Southern California. 


My passion for empowering my community aligns well with the Asian American Studies department and it’s been a safe place for me to learn and understand more about this community. 


After graduating in the spring, I hope to continue pursuing Asian American Studies at a graduate program. 


I’m always down to talk about my experience, whether that be about Asian American Studies, double-majoring, community involvement, or more. As one of the peer advisors, I’d love to talk about anything department related as well. 

If I’m not in office, I can be contacted at Hope to see you soon!

  • Lead Peer Adviser

Hi friends! 


My name is Christine Choi and I am 4th year Asian American Studies major with minors in Educational Studies and Applied Psychology from Northridge, California. I am a Korean-American, first generation college student and am beyond excited to continue working with the Department of Asian American Studies as the Lead Peer Adviser! 


I'm heavily involved on-campus and am applying to graduate schools this fall to pursue a career in Student Affairs/Higher Education! Outside of being a Peer Adviser for the department, I am currently: 

  • President of the Gaucho Tour Association (GTA)
    • Former Vice President of Recruitment & Training  
  • Co-Leader for ED 20/ED 118 
  • Undergraduate Fellow for NASPA 
  • Visitor Center Intern for the UCSB Office of Admissions 
  • Notetaker for the Disabled Students Program 

I was also a Resident Assistant (RA) for two years in Santa Cruz Hall as well as a part of the Residential Housing Association (RHA) and Health & Wellness! 


I am extremely passionate about Ethnic Studies, Educational Equity, and all things Student Affairs. I also like dogs, coffee, polaroids, DIY/Crafts, organizing my calendar, bullet journaling, and discussing our political climate. 


I would love to talk to you more about why I chose to pursue the Asian American Studies major and about our faculty, staff, classes, program, and more! Feel free to email me at if you want to set up an appointment to chat!