Why should I contact my advisor? 

There are many areas the advisor can help with! We can assist with questions about the major or minor, AS AM courses that fulfill GE requirements, long-range planning of academic progress, studying abroad, career and academic goals, getting connected with University resources, etc.

How do I contact the advisor?

Email the advisor at

Please include your name and perm number. Note that due to student privacy laws, we do not send student information to personal emails. Be sure to email from your UCSB email address! 

Please allow at least one full business day to receive a response to your email, and sometimes longer during busy times of the quarter (such as the beginning of the quarter). 

How do I schedule an appointment?

Both remote (Zoom) and in-person advising are available! To meet with an advisor, schedule an appointment here. In-person advising is available Monday through Thursday at HSSB 5044. Note that the advisor is remote on Fridays, so please select Zoom as your option for a Friday appointment request.

Can I drop in without an appointment? 

Of course! While appointments guarantee your meeting time, they are not mandatory. Drop-in hours are from 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm, Monday through Thursday. Our department office is located at HSSB 5044. 

I'm interested in joining the major or minor!

If you would like to join the minor, please download fill out the following form and email it to

If you would like to join the major, you will find the Change of Major form here on the Letters and Science Advising Website. Please complete this form and email it to Please note that the process of being officially added to the major can take a couple of weeks.

What if I am a double major? 

You will still fill out the same Change of Major form. However, there is another form called the Memo of Understanding, which you can find here. The Memo of Undertstanding is a form in which you map out your academic progress and attest that you understand the requirements for both of your proposed majors. This form must be submitted along with the Change of Major form.